“SPACE-LITE” Insulated glass is a hermetically sealed combination of two or more lines of glass separated by a dry airspace.
The spacer is filled with desiccant to absorb moisture inside the unit. By combining Low-E coatings, standard and high performance tinted glasses, reflective coatings, silk-screened patterns, laminated glass products as well as filling the air space insulating properties.  with heavy gas can substantially improve the wide variety of insulating glass configurations is available to satisfy a wide range of performance and aesthetic requirements.


"SPACE-LITE” can be used in either interior or exterior application such as

  • Commercial and residential windows
  • Storefronts and Curtain Walls
  • Sloped/Overhead Glazing
  • Non-vision (Spandrel) Locations
  • Light and solar control, Sound control and Designed for Ultraviolet screening (to reduce fading), hurricane, earthquake, and blast resistance, security, bullet resistance, and decorative applications.


  • Energy cost saving - Combination with reflective coated glass and/or heavy gas can reduce heat transfer therefore significantly reducing heating and air conditioning costs.
  • Sound insulation – Adding sound control film can dampen noise
  • Safety and security – One or both space-lite can be laminated to reduce the risk of injury and when broken, stay integral in the frame
Production Specification
Minimum (mm) Maximum (mm) Minimum (mm) Maximum (mm)
SPACE-LITE 450 x 450 2700 x 3500 12 65
(Max weight 400 kgs)
Reducing noise from the building, Reducing sunlight, it is the best fit with the building that want to control the temperature and voice control such as restaurant, mall