“LAMI-LITE” is laminated glass that made by bonding two or more pieces of glass with interlayer(s) using heat and pressure to form a single unit. When broken laminated glass remains intact and prevents damage or injury unlike ordinary single glass.
"LAMI-LITE" can be used in either interior or exterior application such as
  • Sloped/Overhead glazing or skylight
  • Burglar/Bullet resistant glazing
  • Jewelry Stores, Banks, Airports, Aquarium
  • Schools, Hospitals, Hotels
  • Store Front Windows and Interior Partitions or Office Buildings
  • Safety – reducing risk of injury
  • Security – staying integral in the frame
  • Sound control – reducing noise transmission
  • Solar control – glass can be combined to control solar heat transmission UV control – blocking about 99% of harmful ultraviolet radiation
  • Structural performance – combining heat-treated glass for improve strength
Production Specification
Minimum (mm) Maximum (mm) Minimum (mm) Maximum (mm)
LAMI-LITE 400 x 400 2440 x 3660 6 72 (Max weight 450 kgs/unit)