SPY Mirror or one-way mirror is a type of mirror that appears to reflect images like a normal mirror from one side, and appears transparent and somewhat tinted from the other side. The construction of a one way mirror's reflective surface is the key to its function. Unlike a normal mirror, which is coated in a thicker layer of reflective material to reflect as much light as possible, the reflective layer of a one-way mirror is so thin that it reflects a major portion of the light while allowing some of the light to penetrate through the pane. The end result is that the person on the reflective side still sees his own reflection, while a person on the non-reflective side sees a darkened image of whatever is on the other side of the glass. Spy Mirror looks like a mirror in a well-illuminated room but works like an ordinary tinted window from the other side.

SPY Mirror can provide enhance safety, security, and acoustic insulation through laminated glass combination.

  • Interrogation room, Police station
  • Operator room
  • Market Research room
  • Broadcast room
  • Have mirror effect in the bright (subject) side
  • Allow unobtrusive vision into the dark (observer) side
  • Available in tempered, laminated, insulated or mixed combination
  • Store security
Production Specification