U Glass

U Glass is a self-supporting cast channel glass in primary annealed form which obscures vision for privacy but allows transparent light transmission.  It can be used in either interior or exterior applications which can be installed vertically or horizontally.  Profiled U Shape Glass could be single glazed or double glazed in perimeter frame depending on different and versatile applications.  The dual glazed glass is energy efficient and provides excellent sound reduction.

The linear channel glass is available in a wide range of options starting from clear, standard texture, new surface finishes, Amethyst coated, low-e coated, solar control coated, low iron, wired and in variety of width. Besides, this glass could be cut to sizes and supplied in tempered, tempered with heat soaked test, Opal design and color enameled.


U Glass  glass is ideal in use for large glass facades as well as interior glass walls and perfect for all building types including architectural and residential applications such as private house, sport halls, schools, universities, museums, office buildings, government offices, embassies. 

  •    Building Facade
  •    Glass wall cladding
  •    Partition  in house and workplace
  •    Meeting room
  •    Reception counter
  •    Wherever in need of natural light, more space and aesthetic appearance
  • Offer unique design flexibility
  • Provide light diffusion properties and obscuration
  • Variety of glass finishes
  • Outstanding solar control, thermal and sound insulation properties
  • Optional longitude wires for safety and heat treated for impact safety requirements
  • Few framing components used
  • Convenient and easy for installation, maintenance and replacement
  • Can be single or double glazed, simply installed either internally or externally, vertically or horizontally
  • Capable of withstanding high wind load
  • Available in length up to 7 meters
  • Can be utilized in curve glazing
  • Glass with interlock system from side to side provides unlimited horizontal span
  • Reduce uninterrupted frame lines
  • Glow with light at night time
Production Specification
Size (mm) Thickness (mm)
minimize maximize Standard Thinkness
  262 x 5700 7
Can convert it into Laminated