iZZi glass is a magic glass switch-operated from frosted state to clear appearance with 110V voltage applied. This special laminated glass incorporates a state-of-the-art liquid crystal polymer in between two plies of glass. A simple ON-OFF mode transforms a glass from opaque to clear less than a second. The visual appearance control glass is ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications. When the glass is in frosted state, images can be rear projected onto the glass to create LCD display screen. iZZi is recommended to be framed on all four edges. The multiple panels of glass can be placed side by side with transparent silicone butt joint to create a large glazed area. Electrical Consumption Operating Voltage : 110V Power consumption: 5W/m2 at 110V, 50Hz at room temperature
iZZi glass can be replaced to the existing door, windows, glass wall and partition or made as a projection screen. Office partition Meeting room Store fronts Furniture & Cabinet Counter & reception area Department store Showcases Glass windows & doors Advertising screen Privacy & security areas
1.Ideal for privacy and visual display applications
2.Provide safety ,security and minimize the risk of injury from broken glass
3.Allow High UV protection and increased acoustic dampening
4.Standard product is made up of annealed glass. Tempering is an option when safety is a concern.
5.The primitive glass color is clear. Tinted glass option is available for green and grey
6.Easily installed in the same way as laminated glass
7.Always supply in custom sizes
Production Specification
Glass thickness (mm) Overall thickness (mm)
4 + 4 10.68
5 + 5 12.68
6 + 6 14.68