“CHROMA-LITE” is a heat-treated silkscreen printed glass made from float glass of various types and thicknesses. The patterns printed on glass by using a ceramic-based paint, which is melt heated in an oven on the surface. Can choose on clear or tinted and maybe polished, drilled, or notched.


"CHROMA-LITE” can be used in external or internal application such as

  • Windows
  • curtain wall
  • skylight
  • partition wall
  • shower screen
  • oven top
  • wall surfaces
  • glass handrail
  • furniture, lighting fixture, Architectural accent and photographic images.
  • Fully tempered: safety glazing material
  • Hygienic: mildew does not form on the surface
  • Super white glass: the colors and patterns remain permanently lustrous
  • Unique design pattern
  • Solar control
  • Visual control
Production Specification
Minimum (mm) Maximum (mm) Minimum (mm) Maximum (mm)
CHROMA-LITE 400 x 600 1500 x 3000 4 12
The color that prints on the glass called “Ceramic” after the heating process, it permeant print on the glass, durable throughout the lifetime.