“CHROMA-LITE” is a heat-treated silkscreen printed glass made from float glass, of various types and thickness. The patterns are printed on the glass surface using a ceramic base paint, which is heated in an oven or heating furnace so that it fuses to the surface of the glass. The glass may be clear or tinted, and may be polished, drilled or notched.
"CHROMA-LITE” can be used in external or internal application such as
  • windows
  • curtain wall
  • ​​​​​furniture,lighting fixture,Architectural accent and photographic images.
  • skylight
  • partition wall
  • shower screen
  • oven top
  • wall surfaces
  • glass handrail
  • Fully tempered: safety glazing material
  • Hygienic: mildew does not form on the surface
  • Super white glass: the colors and patterns remain permanently lustrous
  • Unique design pattern
  • Solar control
  • Visual control
Production Specification
Minimum (mm) Maximum (mm) Minimum (mm) Maximum (mm)
CHROMA-LITE 300 x 300 1400x3000 4 19
Depending on the glass pattern and the color. The glass lite can be made transparent, translucent or opaque.