“HEATED GLASS” is a condensation control glass used in freezer units with box temperature below “0ºC” for protection against humidity. It is made up of 2 pane of laminated clear glass. “HEATED GLASS” protection from condensation is a result of conducting electrical energy to the glass coating and because of its low electrical resistance it begins to heat up. This process causes an increase of temperature on the glass surface.


Freezer doors, Control tower, Cold storage, Wine storage

  • Lowest haze : Condensation is controlled by a safe electrically conducted heating process of the glass which causes temperature.
  • Clear: Heated glass will make the glass clear and dry more than normal glass.
  • Temperature insulation : the glass is help saving energy.
  • No water drop : Despite temperature is 0 degree the glass will remain clear for customer to see the merchandize inside.
Production Specification
  • Minimum glass size: 300 mm. x 300 mm.
  • Maximum glass size: 1500 mm. x 2500 mm.
  • Minimum thickness: 22 mm.