“MIRROR SAFE” is a laminated safety mirror with one side surface mirrors. “MIRROR SAFE” ensures high-quality image reflection, high corrosion resistance, and aging. Users are safe from injury because when accidentally broken but properly secured. “MIRROR SAFE” does not shatter or fall out of its frame.


"MIRROR SAFE” can be used in any internal application such as interior wall paneling, walk-in-closet, hotel lobbies, ceiling, ballet room, exercise room, aerobics room, and entertainment establishments.

  • Safety:

As a laminated glass, it adheres to the plastic interlayer when broken upon impact, thus reducing the risk of serious injury.

  • Clear image:

“MIRROR SAFE” is the ideal glass for reflecting the true colors of your interior decor.

  • Last three times longer than ordinary glass:

“MIRROR SAFE” is three times stronger than regular glass so it is enough to prevent the crack or break caused by overheat accumulation.

Production Specification
Minimum (mm) Maximum (mm) Minimum (mm) Maximum (mm)
Mirror Safe 100 x 100 2440x3660 CALL IN
The color that print on the glass called “Ceramic” after heating process it will permeant print on the glass and it will not come off by any circumstance