“HEAT STOP” is an energy saving glass that offers high visible light transmission, color neutrality, coating durability and superior performance in blocking heat transfer. “HEAT STOP” effectively reflects heat back to its source, in summer, heat is absorbed by the glass and reflected back outside to lessen air-conditioning load. In winter during daytime, heat that is transmitted into the room is retained inside to lessen heating load.
"HEAT STOP” can be used in any external application such as : Windows Curtain Wall or Facade.
“HEAT STOP” offers the best (TECS) benefits in a single glazing :
1. Transparency – the glass is clear or natural tint, which allows high light transmission into the room and reduces use of artificial lighting.
2. Energy saving – it reflects heat back outside in summer and back inside the room in winter to lessen cooling and heating load.
3. Comfort – because of low heat gain in summer and low heat loss in winter the room temperature remains ambient throughout the season.
4. fety – with laminated glass in one or both lites, when accidentally broken it does not shatter and remains integral in the frame.
Production Specification
“HEAT STOP” has a maximum size of 2440 mm X 3300 mm.
Available in cut sizes only and nominal thickness is 24 mm.