Windows in warm and temperate climates play an important role in energy saving, choosing the right glass for windows is critical because different glass types significantly gives different results. Selecting a glass with low solar heat gain and high visible light results in savings in capital and operating cost of climate control equipment. “SE-LITE” answers the need for energy, sound control, safety and UV protection in a single piece of glass. Especially for buildings that requires medium performance solar control and thermal insulation benefits from windows. Because improvement in energy performance of windows reduces energy cost to heat and cool a home or commercial building.
"SE-LITE” provides glazing systems with wide range of appearances and performance benefits suitable for different climates :
1) Hot climate :
a. Low solar heat gain coefficient to reduce solar heat
b. Low u-value to keep cool air inside
2) Temperate climate :
a. Low solar heat gain coefficient or solar control in summer
b. Low u-value or insulation in winter.
  • High visible daylight transmittance and lower light reflectance.
  • Solar and thermal control properties in a single durable pyrolytic surface.
  • Energy efficient coated glass for energy cost reduction compared to ordinary glass.
  • Blocks more UV radiation which cause fading and breakdown of materials.
Production Specification
“SE-LITE” has a maximum size and available thickness as below table
Specification Maximum size Noted
6.38 SE-Lite 2440 x 3300 Tinted Color also available
8.38 SE-Lite 2440 x 3300
10.38 SE-Lite 2440 x 3300
12.38 SE-Lite 2440 x 3300

Thickness : 8-12 mm.
Noted: Tinted Color also available