“E-LITE” is an energy saving glass, which gives the best performance in laminated form. It helps lower the energy consumption by controlling heat gain or heat loss, “E-LITE” provides comfort by effectively reflecting heat back to its source. In summer, the glass absorbs heat and reflects it back outside to lessen air-conditioning load,in winter heat is retained in the room to keep it warm and lessen heating load.
"E-LITE” can be used in any external application such as windows, curtain wall or façade, skylight and conservatories to protect reflective sun-light.
"E-LITE” offers the best benefits in a single glazing :
1. Transparency – the glass has a natural tint to help reduce glare, it allows high light transmission into the room to lessen the use of artificial lighting.
2. Energy saving – it reflects heat back outside in summer to lessen cooling load and retains heat inside the room in winter to reduce heating load.
3. Comfort – because of low heat gain in summer and low heat loss in winter the room temperature remains pleasant throughout the year.
4. Safety – when accidentally broken it does not shatter and remains integral in the frame, no falling glass to cause any injury or damage to property.
Production Specification
“E-LITE” has a maximum size and available thickness as below table
Specification Maximum size Noted
6.38 E-Lite 2440 x 3300 Tinted Color also available
8.38 E-Lite 2440 x 3300
10.38 E-Lite 2440 x 3300
12.38 E-Lite 2440 x 3300

Thickness : 6-12 mm
Noted: Tinted Color also available