Thai-German Specialty Glass Co., Ltd. (TGSG) is the Thailand‘s leading specialty glass manufacturer which was established in 1985 through a joint venture between Thai and German investors with the promotional privileges of Thailand‘s Board of Investment (BOI). 
TGSG was known as the first company in South East Asia to have the Certification License: AS 2208 for safety glass. Besides, we obtain other standard certificates ranging from TIS 965-3537, TIS 1222-2537, DIN 1286 (Sealed Insulating Glass Manufacturing Association (IGCC) Requirements) and are granted with product standard compliance to JIS3206:1996. JIS3205:1998, and ANSI Z97.1. To consolidate our quality management system, TGSG has been registered under the ISO 9001:2000 since 1998 and ISO/TS16949 since 2003 respectively.

TGSG started its operation with three state-of-the-art production lines; Tempered glass, Laminated glass, and Insulated glass on a turnkey basis under the supervision of its suppliers then included other Bent Glass and Silk-Screen Printed Glass as its standard products. From time to time, TGSG staffs undergo through training from foreign experts in the field of glass touching on topics like care and maintenance of equipment, production, glass finishing, etc. To meet the growth of demand, TGSG with over years of experience in its effort can provide excellent services to customers by expanding its two production lines; Tempered Glass and Double Glazing Unit with upgraded computerized machinery.
At TGSG, we produce high quality specialty glass for Thai markets and others throughout Asian region, Australia, Canada, South Africa, and European countries. At present, it is widely accepted that we are the leading glass manufacturer producing high quality specialty glass for construction, architectural and interior design, and other extended industries.

Next step, Style Inspires by TGSG, we are a distributor of Solid Surfaces by Dupont ®, USA. As a distributor under the brand name Corian ® Montelli ™ and Zodiaq ®. we're in business for over 15 years so you can be confident in the quality of our products and services. The company is a distributor Solid surface, we have products ready for decorating residential, and manufacturing services to meet all its forms. There is no limitation in terms of the model and materials in use.

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